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wasp nest with easy acess is a fixed price from £45 in Aldershot, Ash, Farnham, Fleet 

We deal with wasps, bees, and hornets. Also pest control services

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In many cases we would treat your wasp nest from outside andspray on insecticide directly into the wasp nest.Within 24 hours the wasps will all leave the nest. However not all nests can be dealt with from outside. In this case we would treat with the wasp nest inside and then remove.We work with a local bee keeper and safely deliver all bees to him.

In the event of a wasp sting!

The wasp sting or more specifically wasp venom is a highly evolved biological weapon. Made from a variety of different specialised compounds including histamine, mast cell degranulating peptide to name but a few. Each compound has a unique affect when injected into the targets blood stream.
If a person is allergic to insect stings and they get stung by a Wasp, Hornet or Bee the venom can induce anaphylactic shock.
Anaphylactic Shock is an allergic reaction, in this case the allergy is to the venom of the wasp or bee sting. The body’s response to the venom triggers a quick release of histamines in large quantities and a lowering of blood pressure which can result in difficulty with breathing and in severe cases death.
Wasp venom is accumulative i.e. the more stings you receive the worse you could react. Anyone can receive a lethal dose of wasp venom if stung enough times.
If you are known to be allergic to insect stings then it is advisable to keep well away from the vicinity of a wasp nest, also Antihistamine injections should be kept in a readily available location.
The danger with wasp stings and Anaphylaxis is, sometimes the person being stung doesn’t realise that they are allergic until after being stung. Also in the case of beekeepers that are repeatedly stung year after year, it has been known for the allergy to slowly build and each sting increases the risk of have an allergic reaction.
Most people are not allergic to wasp or bee stings, the sting just hurts. If however someone is stung and starts to feel unwell, then you should seek medical attention right away, don’t leave it.


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